Comcast Time Warner Merger Is Dead

Comcast-Time Warner Merger Is Dead

The merger of Time Warner Cable and Comcast, which had been expected to create the largest Internet provider and the largest cable operator in America, was effectively annulled recently by the F.C.C.

The F.C.C. had recommended the deal be examined by a judge in a court hearing, a step that proved too much for Comcast to bear. Comcast released a statement on April 24th by its C.E.O., Brian L. Roberts:

“Today we move on. Of course, we would have liked to bring our great products to new cities, but we structured this deal so that if the government didn’t agree, we could walk away.”

The move ended weeks of speculation about how the F.C.C. and Justice Department would respond to the companies’ plans. Comcast had repeatedly floated the notion that the deal would be good for consumers, releasing statements that it was “pro-consumer, pro-competitive, and strongly in the public interest.”

But Comcast was not hiding the fact that they were already the biggest player in the U.S. market, with $64 billion in revenue for 2013 and $7.1 billion in profits. Time Warner Cable, for its part, reported losses of nearly $2 billion on $22 billion in revenue.

After months of being asked by shareholders to do a deal, Comcast C.E.O. Roberts reached out to Time Warner Cable to restart negotiations that had begun and then faltered in 2014. An all-stock deal was ultimately struck that had Comcast buying Time Warner for $159 per share, or $45 billion. Time Warner agreed to no breakup fees on the deal, while Comcast agreed to extend net neutrality—an important Internet caveat for consumers—and to drop 3 million subscribers, as conditions that would hopefully placate FCC regulators.

The deal was better for Time Warner than a competing deal that smaller player Charter Communications was at the time offering, both in terms of price and the particulars of the deal. As soon as Charter heard the news about the Comcast deal, it canceled its bid, even though it had been pursuing Time Warner for nearly a year. But announcements that the Comcast merger wouldn’t go through is likely sweet news to Charter, whose chief backer, billionaire John D. Malone, now does not have to contend with a mega-monopoly that would dwarf his interest.

Consumers, for their part, will now have smaller and less dominant players to contend with, in an age when high cable and Internet fees in the United States are often multiples of their corresponding costs in other countries.

Best Tech Gifts For Mother’s Day

Best Tech Gifts For Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, you might feel stumped as to what to get that wonderful mom in your life. Luckily, there are so many cool, high-tech options available these days. Your mother has always been the one to hook you up with all of the coolest technology items available (Mario Bros circa 1985, anyone?) and now you can repay the favor by making sure your mom has the coolest of cool that technology has to offer. Go you!

One of the top-rated gifts for mothers this year is a very interesting fitness watch. The concept of a fitness watch is nothing new– it tracks how many steps you walk, your heart rate and can even be used as a GPS while you run. But Swavowski has come into the mix by putting one of their dazzling diamonds over a fitness watch. Your mom can be both glam and fit. So pretty much perfect.

While the new fitness watch is pretty darn cool, it might be a little out of the budget for some. A different (but equally cool) gift option for mother dearest is the Roku 3. The Roku is used to stream your moms favorite TV shows from apps such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. The remote operates on WiFi, so the box doesn’t need to be visible. How perfect is that?

Another very cool option is the newest Amazon Kindle Fire. It is very high-tech and can be used for both surfing the web and reading your favorite books, magazines or newspapers. It’s only $79 which makes it a very hot buy.

A fourth tech gift option for mom this year are Sol Republic Shadow Wireless headphones. These headphones have a sleek design that is worn around the neck. They don’t require any cord which can get annoying if mom is trying to use them while gardening or exercising. The blue tooth capability makes them very techy.

Speaking of wireless, another great gift option is a Logitech Wireless Solar keyboard. This makes surfing the web so much easier because you don’t need to be stuck sitting in one place. To accompany the wireless keyboard, mom may want a wireless mouse. Now that would be the perfect gift duo.

The new Wacom Creative stylus is the perfect gift if your mother likes to use her tablet at a sketchbook. It comes in a sleek carrying case along with a USB cord to plug into the computer to charge.

A last awesome gift option is the JBL Flip 2. This gift is a wireless, portable speaker system that operates fully on WiFi. It comes in multiple different colors and is known for it’s great sound quality considering it’s low price tag.

Don’t let Mother’s Day gift giving be a stressful event, relax with these easy to read reviews on the coolest tech products available for mom in 2015.

8 Facts That Everyone Should Know About Fiber Optic Internet

8 Facts That Everyone Should Know About Fiber Optic Internet

In today’s technology Fiber-Optic internet is in high demand and very favorable to consumers. AT&T offers fiber through their AT&T U-verse service that includes a useful bundle package that includes 100% fiber. Fiber is the fastest broadband service that offers faster speeds worldwide. In this article, I am going to share 8 Facts about Fiber Optic internet.

Fact One: Effective and Safe Security Protection

Fiber optic offers effective security protection that blocks/eliminates possible hacking into fiber optic service. Assuring consumers safety and confidence while using Fiber-Optic internet. This is one essential fact and reason why many choose Fiber. With fiber, safety and protection is a number one responsibility for reliable service.

Fact Two: Light Tool

Fiber optic is a very light and durable tool, that makes it a lot easier to carry, connect and transport. In addition, the lightweight and durability helps produce quality service during transmission.

Fact Three: Excellent Quality

Another interesting fact about fiber is that compared to copper wiring, which sometimes interrupts or disconnects during transmission. Fiber on the other hand, contains a low quantity of stations, which helps to produce quality transmissions.

Facts Four: Weatherproof

Fiber is also weatherproof, and this is a great benefit, as the weather cannot affect or interrupt incoming signals and transmissions.

Facts Five: Binary

Another great fact that you should know is that fiber is a binary tool, which makes it awesome to transmit digital data without interruptions from other cables.

Fact Six: Quality Internet

Fiber optic also increases your internet quality and transfers data in zinc speed. As a result, Fiber also enhances the bandwidth and the overall functionality of your internet.

Fact Seven: Very Costly

Fiber optic internet is very expensive, but well worth the buy. As it provides consumers with the fastest internet speed, security and a host of other great features that is of great value. Sometimes you have to pay a little more for better quality products.

Fact Eight: Uses Light

Fiber optic contains tiny glass fibers that are combined within cables that activates and transmits light vibrations and reflections that flickers the light back and forth within the thread. A tiny electrical transmitter located on the end of the cable builds a flash of light. The light then passes within the glass fibers and rises on the opposite side, next to a receiver that processes the signals to create data.